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q3Megaspeed is a part of UAE’s leading distributor of IT consumables, supplying original products to the corporate, reseller, and retail sectors. The company enjoys excellent relationships with all of the leading manufacturers of IT consumables including HP, Dell, Toshiba, Epson, Cisco, Brother and Canon.

We supply the products below from all the major brands at competitive prices:

  • PCs and Accessories – from HP, Dell, Toshiba
  • Inkjet Supplies: Inkjet Cartridges, Printheads, Photo Paper, Printing Paper
  • Laser Supplier: Toner Cartridges, Drum Kits, Developer Kits, Fuser Kits, Maintenance Kits, Transfer Belts
  • Fax Machine Supplies: Toner Cartridges, Ink Cartridges, Fax Paper
  • Dot Matrix Supplies: Printer Ribbons, Listing Paper
  • Magnetic Media: DAT Tapes, DLT Cartridges, Ultrium Cartridges, Optical Disks, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, DVDs, Zip Disks
  • Retail Supplies: Thermal Paper Rolls, Till Rolls/Visa Rolls, Retail Product Labels
  • Accessories: Keyboards, Mice, USB Memory Sticks, Laptop Cases, Storage Boxes, Computer Stands, Wrist-Rests
  • Cleaning Products: Screen Cleaner, Keyboard Cleaner, Air Spray, Foam Cleaner, Lint Free Fabric Cloths, All Round Cabinet Cleaner